I’m often asked for a list of articles, videos, presentations, interviews, or podcast episodes that I have made on a particular topic. I get this request for a wide variety of topics around cloud computing, DevOps, digital applications, and application modernization. Usually, I can create a list of 8-20 links to things I’ve written, created, or contributed to on any of those topics.

I get the question often enough, that I figured it might be worthwhile to put some of these lists online. So, welcome to Curated Lists! Curated Lists are a new feature of my website. For a specific topic, I provide a summary and pointers to content I’ve written, presented, or recorded on that particular topic.

I’m starting out with two curated lists, one for services and microservices, and the other for risk management.

If either of these topics interests you, then check out the what I’ve put in the curated list for that topic:

I’ll create more curated lists as time goes on. For a current list of all topics I’ve created a curated list for, go to the Curated List Home Page on my website.